Friday, December 09, 2005

Hamas leader: No room for truce

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- The leader of Hamas said Friday his group was growing weary of its pact with the Palestinian Authority to avoid conflict with Israel.

"There is no room for truce. I say to our brothers in the [Palestinian] Authority that we are witnessing political stagnation," Khaled Meshaal said in a fiery speech at a rally in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

"I say it loud and clear, we will not enter a new truce. Our people are preparing for a new round in this struggle," Meshaal said.

I'm not that surprised, the word truce can't be found in the Qur'an. You can find some other stuff:

If the unbelievers do not offer you peace, kill them wherever you find them. Against such you are given clear warrant.

Kill disbelievers wherever you find them. If they attack you, then kil them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. (But if they desist in their unbelief, then don't kill them.)

Don't bother to warn the disbelievers. Allah has blinded them. Theirs will be an awful doom.

And they act all surprised if we don't believe them:


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